My goal is to help relieve the mental and emotional suffering experienced in life.  Just as the iron needs to be burning hot in order to be forged into steel, our pain and discomfort are the prod that motivates us to discover the genuine strength and beauty of who we truly are.  I feel most of us have a misconception of what causes our suffering, perhaps believing it's our circumstances or people we are in relationship with that causes it.  At the core of our suffering is the resistance to feel pain, and our clinging to what we desire to feel and experience.  We resist "what is" in our present moments and that resistance shows up as avoidance and repression through common behaviors such as:  distracting ourselves with activities and work; indulging in addictive behaviors; blaming and judging ourselves for what we experience and feel; disowning unacceptable parts of ourselves, etc.  These ways of thinking and behaving contribute to separation from our deepest Essence or Soul.  

In counseling, healing and integration can result when the client learns to access that deepest Essence or Soul, and from that place, compassionately embrace what had formerly been unacceptable, thus resulting in the Accepting and "Re-membering" of disowned parts and avoided pains.

Working with others and my own experience informs me that the tranquility, clarity of mind, love, self-compassion, security, fulfillment, wisdom, acceptance, etc. that IS our deepest Essence or Soul, can be experienced in our willingness to open and to courageously face each present moment just as it is.  Whether our experience is pleasure or pain, having an open and accepting attitude provides the lens where we can perceive this ever-changing life with curiosity and lightness, allowing us to honor and relax into life's moments, just as they are.

My deepest heartfelt passion for living an aware and conscious life and my meditation practice over many years has greatly influenced the focus of my therapy practice.  I consider my meditation practice and mindfulness skills, that my goal is to share with others, as the very center of my life.  They are the threads that are woven through the therapist-client connection, and are part of what contribute to creating the resulting rich and authentic fabric of wholeness that can result from the therapy process.  I believe that our joy is felt when we open our hearts and access the depths of who we truly are.  My deepest desire is to make the greatest effort toward that goal in my own life and to help others to do the same.

"Live  each  present moment completely, and the future will take care of itself.  Fully enjoy the wonder and beauty of each instant"


Please feel free to contact me for a free phone consultation
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Susan Granata, M.A. LMFT (MFC 43805)
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My focus is to create a safe and compassionate environment for you to be able to open to and explore your unfolding process, which includes the healing and resolution of old wounds and stuck places from the past.


*Get into your heart

*Quiet your mind

*Organize your thinking

*Experience "Being Present"

*Be real with yourself and others

*Get comfortable with discomfort

*View challenges as opportunities to grow

*Get clear on what is happening inside of you 

*Learn to be centered and calm during turmoil

*Accept "what is" without resisting, in order to feel peace

*Become aware of your feelings without getting lost in them

*Feel more comfortable about facing fears and the unknown

*Step out of your thoughts and view them from a calm place inside

*Learn to take clear, conscious action steps in life that are guided by
  your inner wisdom.

*Look forward to waking up each morning with enthusiasm, and
  anticipation of a new day.



(760) 230-2397

Who among us has not deeply longed to be listened to and understood in our lives?
Who of us has not desired peace of mind, fulfillment or a sense of security?

As a Heart-Centered, Mindfulness Based Therapist, my approach focuses on integrating the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels in order to create a sense of balanced well-being.



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